About Us

Forever Fancies is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of marquise and pear shaped diamond jewellery. Established in 2016 in Dubai, UAE, Forever Fancies provides fine diamond jewellery made using fancy diamonds to the markets in the Middle East. The company, today, has a marked presence in the Middle East and is synonymous with exquisite designs and fine workmanship. Forever Fancies is the first brand that comes to mind when you are looking for marquise and pear diamond jewellery.

With a strong diamond manufacturing arm, we source the best quality diamonds at an optimum price. The jewellery manufacturing process has been designed to ensure that every piece of jewellery that is produced is a masterpiece and meets the highest standards of quality. Each piece is checked for the highest workmanship standards to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best.

We are experienced in understanding our customers’ requirements custom-design jewellery as per their own personal style and preference.


The team at Forever Fancies is in a constant self-improvement mode and working towards one goal

Marquise & Pear Shape Diamond Jewellery